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Data Connectivity . Voice Application . Private Cloud

Telecommunication Solutions

Needd Technology Solutions assists clients with Data, Voice and Office Automation requirements. We have partnered with ISP’s with reach coverage and experience to provide better services to clients.

The below is our core services we offer:

  • Voice Connectivity Solutions
  • Data Connectivity Solutions
  • Conferencing Solutions and Office Automation

  • hybrid network solutionS

    Needd Technology assists companies with tailored solutions when it comes to the below main advantages of a hybrid network.

    1. Cost-savings
    2. Accessibility.

    We offer businesses multiply solutions to either replace an entire network all at once or choose a Hybrids topology Network, it allow a business to bring in new networking technologies, while phasing out old technologies over the course of several years.

    The below Topologies can be implemented and managed Needd Technology Solutions

    1. Star-Wired Ring Network Topology. In a star-wired ring hybrid topology, a set of star topologies are connected by a ring topology as the adjoining topology.
    2. Star-Wired Bus Network Topology
    3. Hierarchical Network Topology

    Local Area Network. Data Collaboration. Productivity And Collaboration

    Data Center. Intelligent Real Estate. Facilities Infrastructure. Integrated Security solution. Communication Cabling.

    physical infrustructure solutions

    Needd Technology solutions provide designed, supply, install and to operationalise technology infrastructure for next-generation data centers.

    This is for smart buildings, corporate office spaces, shopping centers, airports and campuses as well as mines, conservation areas, precincts and larger city environments.

    We use the latest technology and best practices to create innovative solutions to drive positive business outcomes, with a focus on energy saving and sustainability.
    All solutions and services are aligned with international best practices.

    physical infrustructure solutions

    We offer wide range of services of the below technology

    1. Data Center:

    The benefits of our high-performing infrastructure – secure hosting, fast access, on-demand availability – without the extensive setup and maintenance costs. Our data centre services grow with your business.

    2. Intelligent Real Estate:

    Lets empower businesses, employees and communities to stay connected. Needd Technology helps you achieve operational automation, with intelligent space management to enhance the user experience, increase productivity, reduce costs and mitigate physical and cyber-security risks.

    physical infrustructure solutions

    3. Facilities Infrastructure:
    Our Facilities Infrastructure services cover electrical, backup power, alternative energy, energy storage, thermal management (HVAC) and data centre requirements.

    4. Integrated Security Solutions:
    Protect your assets and gain insights from the data they generate.  Our Integrated Security Solutions include access control, perimeter security and intruder detection systems, and on-premise or cloud-based IP surveillance and video surveillance analytics

    5. Communication Cabling:
    The experience we have in copper cabling, fiber cabling and distributed antenna systems ensures you have the right infrastructure for connecting systems and people, in any environment.

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