About Us

Short Story


The Company was founded in 2014 as Intando Place, initially as a Travel and Tourism company that would utilize digital platforms to book leisure products and services online.

In 2016 Intando Place was renamed Ahifambi Travel (Lets Travel) incorporating business travel with leisure travel.


In 2018, the company was rebranded to specifically focus on technology solutions across all industries. The founder had taken a 5-year gap to work for a well-known global company within the broader information technology and technology infrastructure to further his business skills, insight, and knowledge.

This then led to the ultimate rebranding of Ahifambi Travel to Needd Technology Solutions, a company that has over time adopted a progressively forward-looking business model and product offering that aims to meet the needs of communities by solving community problems through information communication technology.


Innovative ideas come from planning, contextual and actionable solutions.

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Why Needd Technology Solutions

Industry Knowledge and Experience:

We are continuously aiming to have a deep understanding of the technology solutions that we offer, we have experience in implementing projects and always strive to learn and explore new technologies to enrich our client offerings.

Partner engagement:

We have partnered with leading industry technology providers to ensure that we have a vast number of technologies to be able to integrate appropriate solutions to solve business problems and enhance business growth.

We are outcome baseD:

We are client-centric and community-conscious and always aim to deliver exceptional services by delivering to client’s expectations.